JoAnn Huss

Growing up in the Deaf community sparked JoAnn's interest in professional interpretation. The Colorado Springs native has been RID certified since 1994 and is experienced in many types of interpretation, including legal, medical, post-secondary, community, video relay, and video remote.
Caroline Eckstom

Caroline Eckstom

K-12- A:EI

Linda Keller

Linda Keller

Name sign is "music" with "L" hand shape
K-12 A:EI

Lisa Marie Vandetti


My sign name is dance with "L" handshape, I have been interpreting for 7 years. I’m new to Colorado and love being here so far.

Sophia Tova Stone


Sign name: S double tap on the chest near heart

Sophia has lived in Denver since 2008 and is originally from the Washington DC area. She graduated from Front Range Community College in 2011 and has been a freelance interpreter ever since. She loves spending time hiking, skiing, and biking in the beautiful state of Colorado. Recently Sophia earned the title of Triathlete and is now hooked on Triathlons.

Michelle Hoagland

Hello! My name is Michelle Hoagland (birth name sign: MH in front of the shoulder). It is my pleasure to meet you! I am a CODA and SODA (parents and brothers are Deaf) from a multi-generational Deaf family, raised here in Colorado. Although I ultimately grew up bilingual, I am proud that ASL is my native language. I grew up interpreting for family and friends prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. Since then I continue to be an advocate and volunteer in the Deaf community. I finally became a professional interpreter when I graduated with honors from the interpreting program (IPP/ITP) at Front Range Community College in 2012. Although I am Pre-Certified, I am currently working on obtaining my National Interpreter Certification (NIC).

In regards my work ethic, I have excellent customer service skills, ethical behavior, and professionalism. My strength is in ASL/English interpreting. I am intrinsically knowledgeable of Deaf & Hearing cultures. I will enjoy facilitating communication for you in the medical, business, platform, educational, vocational, video relay, and Deaf-Blind interpreting settings. In regards to Deaf-Blind settings, I am very familiar with Low Vision, Tactile, ProTactile Back Back-Channeling (PT BBC), and Support Service Provider (SSP) guiding skills. I look forward working along your side in the community!

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